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All-Star Teams/Parks/Coaches – Please click the “All-Star Team Listing” link above and verify that the numbers of teams for your park are correct.  Please contact your park representative if your team numbers are missing (if so, you are not registered to play all-stars) and have them send us the information.  *CLICK HERE* to send us all-star team information.

Absolute deadline to register your all-star team - Sunday 5/31/15, 5:00 pm. Please do not wait until the last minute to register your team.  No additional all-star teams will be accepted after the deadline! The “All Star Team Credential Checklist” (right hand column) is a detailed breakdown of everything a team is required to have at the credential meeting.  Please pay close attention to every item listed, whether or not you are allowed to participate is dependent on accurately completing every item!If you have any questions, contact the “State Director” of the age group you are inquiring about.  State Directors are located in the “Directors” link on the left hand column!


Due to an issue that is occurring in Farm League play, Rule 4:06 has been amended (Farm League Only).  This amendment supersedes the 2015 printed version of the Baseball rule book.  The updated rule book and updated rule change summaries can be found on the Dizzy Dean National website (“2015 Rules” link to the left).

Amended rule:

4:06  Any manager or coach going on to the playing field to talk
to the same batter (or a batter going to the dugout or bench to talk to a manager or coach) more than twice (2) in one (1) time at bat will be required to remove the current batter from the game and make the substitution in the lineup.

·         He may re-enter at completion of the inning if he can do so without violating the substitution rule.

·          NOTE: The only exception to rule 4:09 is in case of injury or if time is called by the opposing team or the umpire.

·         PENALTY: If opting to bat All Available Players, an out will be called (current at bat) for violations of this rule. Player will resume spot in batting order (future at bats), if eligible to do so.


Youth Baseball Network Launched
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* All-Star teams must commit to participate through the State Tournament if
they qualify to do so! *





Alabama Player Transfer Rule


Due to insurance regulations, we are no longer able to advertise "Invitational Tournaments"

**5/6 year old all-stars - A child must be 5 years old, on or before April 30 of the current year, in order to be eligible for all-stars**



 Sanction Reminder:

We would like to take this time to revisit/remind all parks that intend to apply for sanction about an important (sometimes misinterpreted) requirement. In order for a park to be eligible to sanction with Dizzy Dean Baseball/Softball, a draft MUST be utilized. ALL players in an age group MUST be available for selection by ALL coaches.  Select teams or teams kept together from previous years IS NOT allowed.




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